Permanent Hair Removal for Men and Women:

How It Works – to be hair-free ... for good

Through the use of advanced technology, laser hair removal is becoming a widely popular permanent method for banishing undesirable, excess body hair. Here's how it works:

The system targets pigment located in the hair follicle. The light from the system is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle and this energy is converted to heat, which results in thermal damage, and permanent destruction of the hair follicle is achieved. The darker pigmentation of the hair follicle absorbs more energy than the pigment in the surrounding skin; the system raises the temperature of the follicle safely without damaging the skin around it. Unlike electrolysis, which kills one hair follicle at a time, our lasers reach and treat hundreds of follicles in one fell swoop!

Over the years, we have received literally hundreds of client testimonials. From those who have experienced life-changing benefits to others who are simply delighted to be free of the burden of hair removal, there are so many different positive stories. Offering you the best permanent hair removal deals, we are indeed the place to go to chase your hairy worries away.