Trust us to permanently remove your hair ... for now, for the future

Imagine being able to talk openly about your excess hair to someone who has seen it all...

Imagine being able to schedule an appointment at a specialist laser centre where all the therapists only treat the removal of hair and will work with you to achieve a smooth, permanent, hair-free result...

HairAway Canada offers these services day-in, day-out. From the moment you enter our laser facility in Markham, we'll do all we can to make you feel relaxed. We'll discuss your requirements with you, then we'll undertake a brief assessment to ensure that you're suitable for the laser procedure (a small number of individuals do not have suitable skin and hair types for the procedure).

At HairAway, we place customer satisfaction at the very top of our priorities so we won't expect you to wait a long time for your therapist and we will ensure that we listen to your needs, giving you the time to understand how laser hair removal works.

Our laser facility has immaculate treatment rooms and a tranquil lounge area where you can sit back and relax before or after your treatment. Each treatment room houses the very latest laser hair removal equipment. As champions of the laser system, all our consultants are extensively trained in-house and the highest of standards are consistently maintained. After all, we are experts in our field and administer best-practice procedure, always.