A centre of excellence for hair removal ... for everyone

HairAway was first launched in Singapore in 2000 and remains to this day the only centre there that offers permanent laser hair removal and nothing else. Our unique service, state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of the laser hair removal technique soon proved successful and we quickly established a loyal client base.

We're a husband and wife team originating from Canada and now we're returning home, bringing HairAway with us!

Because we've chosen to focus purely on laser hair removal, our knowledge and breadth of experience is unparalleled.  We understand why unwanted hair can cause so many problems, both physically and emotionally, and we also know just how inconvenient temporary hair removal techniques can be. From male athletes who are tired of their monthly waxing regime to female clients who long to wear a swimsuit without having to shave their underarms or bikini line, we know every concern and we're familiar with all hair types.

Consider our Markham laser centre if :

As a woman...

You're fed up with daily, or even weekly, leg and underarm shaving.

You enjoy swimming but don't enjoy monthly bikini waxing.

You've started to notice an increase in facial hair such as upper lip and chin – and it's making you feel less feminine. Click here for testimonials.

As a man...

You're embarrassed about excess hair on your back

Daily shaving is a real chore and you regularly suffer from razor burn or nicks.

You're sporty and want a smooth, hair-free chest.

You think your excess hair is unhygienic.