Markham Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Experience HairAway Canada at our clinic. Prided as the most effective permanent laser hair removal in Markham, we are the only sensible answer to permanent hair removal. HairAway has been removing unwanted hair for over twelve years now, using state-of-the-art laser systems to deliver results, permanently. In fact, permanent hair removal is all we do!

Our Markham laser clinic, unlike other centres that offer a range of services, specialises in the one thing we are good at, permanent laser hair removal using only scientifically proven laser procedures. You can put your trust in our safe and risk-free permanent laser hair removal for women and men.

We don't offer waxing, IPL or electrolysis because we don't believe they measure up. Our clients want permanent hair removal in the shortest possible time frame. They're looking for a relaxed environment where they can feel uninhibited and confident enough to talk freely about their "hairy" issues! They trust us to assess their individual concerns, and provide a safe and quick process that lasts; a permanent hair removal solution. Our laser hair removal deals are customised to the needs of our customers.

Hair is gone for good, usually within six to eight sessions. Plus, because our lasers can be specifically targeted at particular areas of the body, hair removal occurs exactly where you request and nowhere else.

Unwanted hair? We’ve seen it all! To book your obligation-free assessment, call 905 479 8880

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Permanent Hair Removal for Men – Guys, it's not

just for the ladies

Is excess facial hair or body hair cramping your style? As a man, you are not alone. In a Men's Fitness Sex Survey, 54.9 per cent of respondents said they wished they could change their body hair. For some men that means facial hair removal or chest hair removal and for others, back hair removal is the more burning issue. Wherever the excess hair problem, now there's a permanent solution at Hairaway to banish unwanted hair for good!

Perhaps you're just fed up of the daily morning ritual of shaving and the inevitable razor nicks when you are rushing to get out of the door. Imagine never having to shave again without having to settle for a beard.

Or the hair on your back is a social embarrassment in the swimming pool. There's no reason to settle when permanent back hair removal Markham is an option.

Is excess hair getting in the way of your favourite sport (including sex)? Chest hair removal Markham or permanent hair removal from any part of the body is just the solution. Never worry about chafing, painful in-grown hair or aerodynamic drag again. Thanks to HairAway, you can have hair-free skin where your sport demands it. It is indeed the best permanent laser hair removal Markham has to offer.


“Thank you so much for your professional conduct and skills, and for making me comfortable during my first ever laser hair removal.”
Lum C. C.

This special note of thanks comes especially to say that your thoughtfulness and kindness meant more than words can say. Thanks a million!”

“Thanks, Shanta, for your help and tender loving care while performing my treatment.”
Karen Tan

“With Hairaway’s help, my legs have never felt and looked better! I am really grateful to Shanta for being very informative and accommodating to my enquiries.”

“I am very impressed with the results of my treatment at Hairaway. I still have one more session after I fly back to London, and I am so glad that Hairaway recommended a clinic there. When it comes to hair solutions and advice, I put my trust in Hairaway.”
Anja Osthoff

“Since you left Singapore, I went to see some one else but the laser they used has left my skin darkened and rough. It's no comparison to your treatment. So, to be in the best hands, I'll continue my treatment with you, flying to Canada while I am on overseas trips for work.”

“I have just received my first treatment at HAIRAWAY and am glad I waited for nearly over 2 years to go ahead with them. They are extremely thorough in presenting all the info to a client before the treatment. Their permanent laser hair removal price is also really reasonable and they are very professional during the treatment. And finally I feel comfortable and content with the treatment and the end result. Thank you for a wonderful job done.”
Moni Namazi